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Choosing Promotional Drink Bottles For Office Giveaways

If you are thinking about using promotional drink bottles as a part of your office giveaways, you may have realised that there are actually a number of different options for you to choose from. Whilst bottles are not quite as inexpensive as other promotional items (like pens), they still make fantastic giveaways for certain events, from conferences to sports games. To ensure that you’ve made the right choice, here are the choices you may want to consider:


  • Plastic
    Probably the most popular option, many people are drawn to plastic bottles because of their affordability and the sheer array of colours that is available. With a variety of styles available, from sports and collapsible to filtering and infuser, there is something for everyone. These days, all of the plastic used is BPA free, giving you the peace of mind that recipients will be protected from ingesting harmful toxins.
  • Metal
    The second most popular option, many people ultimately choose metal bottles when their primary concern is durability. Generally made from either stainless steel or aluminium, rest assured that the container will be resistant to corrosion and will stand the test of time with ease. With a variety of styles available, from double walled and travel to carabiner and vacuum, there is something for everyone.
  • Glass
    A somewhat new addition to the promotional drink bottle scene, the use of glass is growing in popularity at a steady rate. Not only do they look fantastic, they’re also quite the environmentally friendly alternative (as glass is completely recyclable). With a variety of styles available, from sili window to those with neoprene sleeves, there is something for everyone. Rest assured that they are thick and durable.
  • Bottled Water
    If you want to provide pre-filled water bottles, this is the solution. Filled with natural spring water from Australian sources, these plastic containers are ready to be used – simply open the lid and take a sip. To ensure that recipients know who has gifted them with such a refreshing giveaway, you can include a branded label. With a variety of sizes available, from 250ml to 600ml, there is something for everyone.
  • Protein Shakers
    When it comes to office giveaways for health and fitness enthusiasts, you might find that they have all the bottles they need. Another option is a protein shaker, which they can use to mix up protein drinks to be enjoyed before or after their workouts. With a variety of styles and sizes available, from 3-in-1 varieties and dual compartment to standard and extra large, there is something for everyone.


We hope that the information provided above has given you a much better idea of what promotional drink bottles will make the best office giveaways. Whether you want to make them part of a welcome pack for new clients or you want to hand them out to participants in a fun run, there is sure to be a solution that complements your needs. If you require assistance when making your selection or placing an order, don’t be afraid to ask an expert.